Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"Barbarians" in Rome

In the year 410 AD the Visigoth's invaded Rome after a long seige and sacked the city. The odd thing about this sacking was that it was more civilized than you would have expected from Barbarians.

The Visigoth's, which loosely means "Good People from the West", were a Germanic Tribe that had been frustrating the Roman empire for many years.

When the managed to get into the city, they took everything of value but did not kill nearly as many people as might have been expected, and they did not destroy or desecrate any church. The "Barbarians" were Christian's themselves and were respectful to Rome. Anyone who had sought sanctuary in the churches was allowed was left alone.

After taking everything of value that they could carry, the Visigoth's left and never returned.

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