Saturday, December 8, 2012

Titanic Wireless (Marconi) operated Harold Bride is deserving of recognition. Order by Captain Smith to wire for help Bride and the head radioman Jack Phillips stayed at their post until the power went out. Bride managed to jump into the ocean and found himself underneath a collapsible life boat in the freezing water. He managed to get out and he and 15 other man survived on the top of the upside down boat until they were rescued by the Carpathia.
In spite of frostbite to his feet he worked the Carpathia's radio for another 36 hours notifying the world of the names of the survivors. He sold his exclusive story to the New York Times for $1000. He continued to work as a ship's radioman and served as such in the British Navy in World War I. He died in 1956, the father of three children.

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